Oakdale Netball Club was formed in 1962 by a small group of women who resided at Oaklands Park and Warradale, hence the name “Oakdale”. One of these women was life member, Raechel May who continued her association with the club throughout her life. Raechel was awarded an AMND Service Award in 1981 and Life Membership to the club, she sadly passed away in 2008. Oakdale Netball Club proudly remembers Raechel and her fellow foundation members through presentation of annual awards in their names. The President’s award for outstanding contribution to the club epitomises Raechel May’s work ethic over considerable time.

Oakdale Netball Club was admitted to SANA (Netball SA) State League Competition in 1982. A compelling feature of the club has always been its commitment to community and this is reflected in high levels of participation at club events and in its support of community initiatives.


Oakdale draws athlete from many suburbs around Adelaide and has grown from a single team, to a major force in Netball, with teams playing at all levels.

Hard work and persistence see representation at ANL and State League level and many of our athletes [who have been with us since juniors] gained State and All Australian status in Open, Under 21, Under 19 and Under 17 teams.

Athletes including Michelle den Dekker, Rebecca Sanders, and Peta Scholz began their playing careers at Oakdale Netball Club. The club has been extremely competitive, finishing in the top four of the State League Premiership table from 2003 to 2009.

The State League team under current SASI Assistant Coach, Megan Carter, won the Premiership in 2009. In 2008, Peta Scholz returned from the Thunderbirds and was awarded the first of successive Netball SA Player of the Year Awards.

The Club is competitive, participating in finals since our return to the Premier league with Brian Lines as our Director of Coaching and Vanessa Dempsey as our Premier League Head Coach, the improvement of athletes across all grades will continue to grow through our development programs.

In 2012, the club celebrated its 50th birthday. At our 50th Anniversary, we presented Decade of Excellence Awards to those who contributed to our success through leadership, coaching and playing – the following esteemed members were acknowledged:

  • Megan Carter – awarded Coach Excellence Award
  • Peta Scholz – awarded Outstanding Player of the Decade
  • Dalice Kennedy – awarded Outstanding Leader of the Decade.

We are proud of our reputation as a family friendly club that isa major source of high quality athlete to the highest levels of state competition, state representation and in some cases, on national and international stages.

Our Aim


Oakdale Netball Club is a successful and innovative club that strives for excellence, and in which all members have the opportunity to participate and maximise their potential within a safe and challenging environment.


To foster, develop and enhance athletes’, coaches’ and umpires’ skills, aspirations, wellbeing and lifestyles.


  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Development Pathways

Premier League

SA Premier League Subway Cup competition provides a pathway for our athletes to the Netball Australia Suncorp competition on including the Adelaide Thunderbirds and SAIS.

High Performance Programs

High Performance Programs are a Netball SA Club licence requirement, these invitational programs are available for identified athletes selected by the Head Coach and executive committee and are designed to enhance their performance in all aspects of netball.

Elite Squad

This Program comprising of a squad of our top athletes from the Premier League competition is led by the Head Coach and assistants and includes pre- season, technical, tactical, strength and conditioning, along with ongoing specialist training for all our Lead Club coaches

Futures Squad

This program recognises current Oakdale athletes who, at a point in time, show potential to represent their club at the highest level. This program aims to expose these athletes to high level coaching in order to reach their full potential. These sessions are coached by our Head Coach, with Premier League and Premier League Reserves coaches and assistants also participating in the program. Athletes included are from Senior, Intermediate and Junior Grades.

Emerging Squad

The Emerging Squad recognises athletes who, at a point in time, have been identified as having the potential to represent their club at a high level of netball. These athletes have shown exceptional skill and game-sense in their age group and have been identified as potential future participants in Oakdale’s advanced High Performance Programs.

These sessions are coached by Premier League and Premier League Reserves coaches, with Intermediate 1, Junior 1 and Sub Junior 1 coaches also in attendance. athletes can be selected from Intermediate, Junior and Sub Junior Grades.


Oakdale Netball Club Programs

Oakdale Netball Club initiative programs are designed to support those athletes not exposed to high performance programs and are available to all athletes at the Club. These are fundamental skill-based programs designed to help athletes establish, enhance and improve essential skills to assist the athlete with movement to higher grades/ divisions.

Development Training Program

This program is a fundamental skills-based program designed to help athletes establish, enhance and improve essential skills to assist the athlete with movement to higher grades/divisions. The program is facilitated by expert, skilled guest coaches and Club coaches. Nominations of Intermediate, Junior and Sub Junior athletes to the program is through an application process, where the program is based on the athletes’ interest with a minimal cost to all athletes.

Primary Program

This Primary Program supports the very youngest members of our club to further develop their skills in a fun and challenging environment.

The program is to designed to further develop primary and sub primary athletes’ abilities and awareness of netball, to adequately prepare primary and sub primary athletes for sub-junior and higher levels of netball and to foster the athletes enjoyment of netball.

Invited participants are accepted athletes in the Primary and Sub Primary divisions and there may be a cost involved. Attendance is NOT compulsory.

All program activities are dependent on volunteer coaches, club official and supporters, sponsors, availability of venues and athletes commitments.

Further program details are available by contacting the Club secretary.



Asthma Management

Oakdale Netball Club continues its accreditation as an Asthma friendly sporting club. At our club, player welfare is paramount. We strive towards a safe environment for players with Asthma Management training for all Junior and Senior volunteer Coaches, Primary Carers and Team Mangers for each team.

The rigorous Accreditation process covers three years currently awarded to September 2015. Training for volunteers is always held in the Winter season. Netball SA provides first line management and care for asthma at training and games. Asthma emergency kits for emergencies are co-located with first aid kits and are available to all team activities (that are not held at Netball SA Stadium) such as fitness and skills session.

All players are reminded that they need to bring their spacers and medication to the court side at training and games. All coaches’ bags have a first aid kit with instructions for asthma management to be referred to by volunteers to use at the time of any incident. Asthma Friendly Sporting Policy is available on the website. Our club would like to thank all participants: players, parents and supporters for their ongoing support for good health and management within the Oakdale community.

For further information about the Asthma Management approach adopted by our club, please contact the club’s Health & First Aid Coordinator, Sue Sayers.