Honour Roll


 Winter 2015

Junior 3

Junior 4

State Representation

2015 ANL Southern Force – Luka Thompson

2015 State U17 – Tarnie Shinnick, Emily O’Connell, Mary Wilson



Summer 14/15 Academy representatives

U16 Academy team

Sophie Agostino U16
Nikkia Westhoff U16


U13 Academy team

Jess Wiseman
Grace Donnell
Breannan Smith
2015/16 Academy Teams representatives

Sophie Agostino

Jacquee Dignam

Maddee Russell

Nikkia Westhoff


Life Members

Raechel May

Pat Anderson

Pat Kelly

Molly Haskard

2010 Marg Biebrick

2015 Dalice Kennedy


Raechel May Award

One of the club’s early founders, Raechel May enjoyed a long and productive association with the club including time as President in 2006. Awarded an AMND Service Award in 1981 and Life Membership to the Club, the President’s award for outstanding contribution to the club epitomises her work ethic over considerable time. 

This award is continued in Raechel’s memory and awarded by the President, to a member (player, coach or administrator) who follows in her stead through selfless contributions that enhance the culture and fabric of the club and in so doing makes a difference to what can be achieved.

2009 – Jacqui Barnden

2010 – Cheryl Ross & Benita Fagan-Jeffries

2011 – Allena Bishop

2012 – Fiona Syrus

2013 – Carol Catanzariti

2014 – Tracy Burgess & Fiona Syrus

2015 – Paul Jeffries

2016 –


Pat Kelly Award

The Pat Kelly Award for Umpire of the Year is a long-standing award presented to an umpire who continuously seeks to improve his/her skills and knowledge and as a mentor and role model shows significant leadership and inspiration to others. She/he is someone other umpires aspire to be like.

2009 – Amy Johns

2010 – Cara Davies

2011 – Christina Hatzigiannis

2012 – Rebecca Crowe

2013 – Caitlin North

2014 – Emily Woodward

2015 – Shaylee Ryan



Marg Biebrick Award

2012 – Kirsty Samson

2013 – Bel Butler & Kirby Thompson

2014 – Sophie Clingly

2015 – Sophie Clingly


Peta Scholz Award

The Peta Scholz Award is awarded to a current Oakdale Phoenix Netball Club Player who demonstrates commitment to the following aspects of netball:

  • Playing netball at her highest standard
  • Setting achievable goals
  • Improving her netball and continuously striving to learn more, achieve more, and get more out of her netball game
  • Supporting her coach and team mates
  • Showing support and loyalty to her club

The recipient of this award is a player who has attributes that set her apart from others as a formidable opponent on the court and an exemplary role model within her team. Her achievements would inspire those around her to achieve their best netball.

2008 –  Bridgette Barnden

2009 –  Ashley Thomas

2010 – Caitlin Moyle

2011 – Brooke Russell

2012 – Ruby Lienert

2013 – Belinda Butler

2014 – Millie March

2015 – Sophie Agostino

2016 –


Megan Carter Coaches Award

The Megan Carter Coaches’ Award is awarded to a coach who as a mentor, shows commitment to helping others (both players and fellow coaches) to perform and achieve to the highest level possible through building positive relationships whilst being both highly motivational and inspiring. Striving for personal excellence, this coach provides a model for continuous improvement.

2012 – Tracy Burgess

2013 – Tracy Burgess

2014 – Benita Fagan-Jeffries

2015 – Bronwyn Britcher



Molly Haskard Award

The Molly Haskard award is awarded to a current Oakdale Phoenix Netball Club Player in the Primary/Sub-Primary grade who demonstrates commitment to the following aspects of netball:

  • Focus and commitment to developing self through training
  • Setting and meeting achievable goals
  • Supporting her coach and showing loyalty to her team
  • Demonstrating a positive attitude

2014 – Kira Buckskin and Codi Buckskin

2015 – Codi Buckskin


Netball SA Player of the Year Award

1997 – Alison Searle

2000 – Nikki Kreig

2008 – Peta Scholz

2009 – Peta Scholz